Google Ads is a platform where marketers can pay to appear in the Search Network or the Display Network.

Search Network

Search Network is centered around bidding on keywords to show your ad when someone types in the ones you want to pay for. When that person clicks your advertisement, you are charged the market value of the keyword. This is known as PPC or Pay-Per Click. A keywords value fluctuates daily.

The image indicates where paid search results (Google Ads/Adwords) appear. Using this example we can see the search term was "seo audit services". The link "certified Proven..." appears becuase the keyword "audit" or "seo" or a combination were chosen and bidded on. Once you click that link, they pay the market value of that keyword.



Display Network

The Google Display Network can help you reach people while they’re browsing their favorite websites, showing a friend a YouTube video, checking their Gmail account, or using mobile devices and apps.

The image gives you an idea of where and how these ads are displayed. This network is best suited to raising brand awareness and re-marketing, which is the process of tracking people who have already visited your website and then putting your ads in front of them while they browse other sites and apps.

Its relatively easy for any person to setup and run a Google Ads campaign, making it successful and worth the investment is a different story.

If you set a budget of R5000 per month you will likely get around 1K clicks per month (varies by industry), but are those clicks bringing you business? Or are these clicks coming from irrelevant customers who are unlikely to do business?


Our goal is to get you as many "meaningful" clicks as possible through strategies that are as targeted and specific as possible.

We do this through extensive research and by being as target specific as possible. Campaigns that are highly targeted tend to cost less and bring in more conversions because they are relevant. We can target age, gender, area, browsing habits and even level of income!

There are 40, 000 search queries every second on Google...


Search Engine Optimisation is the term for how your site is found on Google.

Google checks things like site structure, speed and usability to determine whether your website is trustworthy. They then rank your website in their search results using complex algorithms

But Google has trust issues.

If your site seems dodgy or is badly written, your site simply won't ever appear for people to click on.


We design and develop your website in line with Google best practices, optimising it to be found and trusted by Google's crafty bots.