It’s Time to Get Involved in E-Commerce

E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide, and in 2021 it’s easier than ever to have your very own Online Store.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of E-Commerce

It’s been over a year since the novel coronavirus led to most country’s instituting lockdowns and the digital space has seen a massive increase in E-Commerce sales globally, with people turning more toward shopping online instead of physically visiting stores.

This article from Money Web looks at various surveys which were attempting to track E-Commerce trends. They came to the conclusion that consumers in South Africa have changed their spending habits and this has “boosted” E-Commerce sales nationally.

Online Sales continue to grow.

E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors globally, and usually increases year on year. This year followed that trend of growth but the growth skyrocketed after lockdowns were implemented, which makes sense seeing as so many shops are closed. It’s also safer, more convenient and in many cases cheaper.

Just take a look at this article from Business Insider, where they predict E-Commerce sales will reach R225 billion in the next five years. This is in reference to an interview with Aluwani Thenga who works within FNB.

E-Commerce stores are being created at a rapid pace.

Entrepreneurs are capitalising on this surge in demand for online sales by creating E-Commerce stores at a rapid pace. From drop-shipping to more traditional online stores, these websites are popping up more and more and selling products to niches within this growing market.

We are being contacted more than we ever have been about E-Commerce websites as people seek company’s like ours to create their stores. We take great pride in enabling entrepreneurs and small business owners in achieving their vision with advanced online stores that are user friendly and fully autonomous. This allows our clients to rest assured while we are managing their online store with attention and care.

Create another stream of income.

One of the greatest benefits of having an E-Commerce store is the creation of an additional stream of revenue. You can have an online store running autonomously, managed by us while carrying on with your day job as usual. This is especially true for drop-shipping stores where shipping and returns are handled by the supplier.

You don’t need huge capital funds to create an E-Commerce store

Recognising this demand, we have developed a website model that allows the average person to have their very own online store. We do this by offering our websites on a monthly model where the website is paid off over 2. This lowers upfront costs massively and removes the barrier to entry that many people face when trying to get into this market.

Timing is Everything

With a predicted surge in growth over the next five years, the key for entrepreneurs today will be timing. The earlier you enter this market the stronger your position will be when this snowball really begins rolling.

Checkout our page on creating a website with us on a monthly contract, getting your website live sooner rather than later.