What is UX?

Posted by Greg Wilken on  January 29, 2018
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UX stands for “User-Experience” It is the overall experience a person has when they visit your site. Is it easy to use? Does it look good? Your page should be fun to interact with and offer valuable information that is easy to understand. The principles of UX can be applied to practically everything from Apps and Websites to a milk carton, the item or product has been designed to interact with the user in a

Site speed and success online

Posted by Greg Wilken on  January 24, 2018
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Site Speed affects Google Ranking, Organic Traffic and Profit The goldfish has a longer attention span than the average internet user. That means you have under 3 seconds to get your site experience underway or risk losing visitors to poor site speed. In this post you’ll find useful information on site speed and the implication on your bottom line. Let’s begin! Users expect sites to load in under 3 seconds According to this 2017 report

Our New Blog

Posted by Greg Wilken on  January 20, 2018
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This blog has been launched to better define what it represents and the type of content you can expect in this feed. BlogTech aims to inform and inspire on all things technological. You’ll see a diverse range of information in posts on WordPress, Digital Marketing, SEO, Cryptocurrencies ,Blockchain technology and Internet Philosophy as a whole. As this business grows, so does our collective knowledge when we actively solve problems on a daily basis. These are

7 exciting facts for the Influencer in 2018

Posted by Greg Wilken on  January 18, 2018
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If you have thousands of followers or friends it’s time to put all that popularity to work and become an Influencer. Payment per post and more money for more followers, earning a passive income has never been more realistic. Here are 7 facts that will get you excited at the prospect of making money doing nothing: 1) 2017 was the year of the influencer Influence marketing exploded last year with some individuals being paid up