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Introducing Blog Tech

Recently we decided to change the name of our blog to better define what it represents and the type of content you can expect in this feed. BlogTech aims to inform and inspire on all things technological. You’ll see a diverse range of information in posts on WordPress, Digital Marketing, SEO, Cryptocurrencies ,Blockchain technology and Internet Philosophy as a whole.

The change in name is a token of our change in philosophy here at Creatives Express where we as a company and a team are defining who we are in this market and what our brand represents.

As this business grows, so does our collective knowledge when we actively solve problems on a daily basis. These are good problems to have as they are a continuing reminder that:

1. that you are on a path
2. you are making progress

It can feel at times that you are always taking two steps forward and one step back, but that is how the process works. In WordPress, SEO and all things Internet you fix one problem only to find the fix you used gave rise to an issue with your Canonical links or something else you now have to fix.

Watching your fledgling site grow from 50 daily visitors to treading deep waters with traffic in the thousands and daily sign-ups is a wonderful feeling especially since the web is currently at the most competitive it’s ever been.

Hard work always pays dividends and if you throw in a little bit of creativity, success becomes extremely realistic. Learning something new every single day is what this industry demands so that is what we will supply.

This blog will be a collection of knowledge derived through experience. This is our humble contribution to the world wide web.

Catch up with us next week on BlogTech as we discuss Bitcoin’s mini crash, how loading times affect website traffic and recommend some vital WordPress plugins.